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Gone but not forgotten competition results

posted 21 Aug 2017, 19:56 by John Foes-Lamb   [ updated 1 Sept 2017, 17:20 ]

At our 3 recent concerts in Wakefield, Annesbrook & Mapua, we ran a competition for the audience which involved putting the composers' name to their face. Out of 19 entries, we had 3 lucky winners who correctly identified all 13 composers. We will be posting out tickets to the winners of the competition as their prize.

Here are the correct answers:
  1. Richard Wagner
  2. Freddie Mercury
  3. Irving Gordon
  4. Sergei Rachmaninoff
  5. G F Handel
  6. David Bowie
  7. Pietro Mascagni
  8. Cole Porter
  9. Leonard Cohen
  10. John Phillips
  11. Dalvanius Prime
  12. Victor Young
  13. Hugh Roberton
Hope you enjoyed the quiz! We'll try and run something similar at future concerts. Look forward to seeing you there!